Did You Know?

There's a lot of ingredients in traditional designer fragrances that the average consumer doesn't know about. By law, brands aren't required to disclose these ingredients to consumers. 

Animal Intestines, Secretions & Sperm: Yes, you read that right. Traditional designer fragrances use intestines, secretions and sperm of whales, felines, beavers, badgers, bees and more in their scents. EW!

Alcohol: At least 80% of a traditional bottle of perfume is just alcohol. Sometimes even up to 90%! Alcohol has a stingy scent & dilutes the perfume. That's why alcohol-based perfumes wear off your skin so quickly.

Toxic Chemicals: They're called petrochemicals. They're the chemicals that cause cancer, give you headaches, and hormonal disorders . Your skin absorbs them very easily.