Our Story

Clean Conscious

Have you ever felt like someone's fragrance was so strong that you could barely breathe? This was me - on my first date with my now husband. As soon as I got in his car, I was hit by the smell of his alcohol-filled designer cologne. I felt like I was suffocating! He later confessed that he spent $200 on this brand new bottle to impress me on our first date. Needless to say, I was not impressed. 

I was always very clean-conscious and never really wore perfume because I hated the stringy smell of alcohol and the way the chemicals made my body feel. This sent me on a journey to find a clean fragrance that not only smelled good, but felt good for the person wearing it, and the people around them too.

Luxury Scents

After getting married in 2019, my husband and I spent a few months wearing essential oils instead of fragrances, but the basic smell wasn't cutting it. He missed his luxurious designer cologne, so I decided to seek out a perfumer who worked with essential oils to recreate his signature scent - minus the alcohol and chemicals. We were in awe at how spot on we could recreate a designer fragrance. The excitement quickly spread and everyone began requesting clean versions of their favorite scents - from family, to friends, to our community and hometown!

What started as a personal hunt, turned into an addiction across town, taking up the spare room in our home and lots of our personal time. After tons of scent requests, trial, and error, Inspired By Scents has turned into an international brand. We're so proud of what we've become, and we're forever grateful for your support, excitement and loyalty.

What's Not Inside

x No Toxic Chemicals

x No Animal Intestines, Secretions or Sperm

x No Alcohol

x No Water

Designer Fragrances Exposed

There are a lot of ingredients in traditional designer fragrances that the average consumer doesn't know about. By law, brands aren't required to disclose these ingredients to consumers. 

Toxic Chemicals
They're called petrochemicals. They're the chemicals that cause cancer, give you headaches, and hormonal disorders . Your skin absorbs them very easily. 

Animal Intestines, Secretions & Sperm
Yes, you read that right. Traditional designer fragrances use intestines, secretions and sperm of whales, felines, beavers, badgers, bees and more in their scents.

Alcohol & Water
At least 80% of a traditional bottle of perfume is just alcohol. Alcohol has a stingy scent & water dilutes the perfume. That's why traditional perfumes wear off your skin so quickly.

Inspired By Scents

Shop our collection of clean luxury scents inspired by cult-favorite fragrances.

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